Do you get bored of seeing naff visuals in clubs, which aren't in time to the music? What is that?

Try our program instead.

The graphics are in time to the beat!

{ we are currently working on what will be the first commercial release }


Q. Why are the graphics simple/shoebox?

The graphics are intended to produce a hypnotic feel. If you want pretty graphics, why don't you watch tv or a film - films have amazing graphics. (That was not an insult!)

Q. I want to use an external audio source (ie. decks and a mixer) to generate the graphics but my PC/laptop does not have a line-in input, it only has a mic input. Can I use it?

In short, you probably can. Try it. You shouldn't damage your hardware. If it sounds distorted just lower the volume on the input channel.

Q. What is schranz?

Schranz is a form of cyclical techno.