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Imager Development Diary

Entry 8: February 23, 2021

Added a beatlock toggle. The BPM of Imager can now be set quite roughly and will stay in time, this works well with both Drum n Bass and 4/4 music.

Entry 7: November 3, 2020

Entry 6: October 12, 2020

Worried about exclusivity? Don't be.

(Non-functional license file.)


Entry 5: October 5, 2020


No license is the most restrictive software license of all...

No License

But we have...


Entry 4: September 16, 2020

Ordered a DMX devkit.


Entry 3: September 10, 2020

Blue build demo.

Entry 2: March 18, 2020

Want to see an interesting spectral analysis of some music? Here you go!


Entry 1: March 18, 2020

Want to see what it looks like working on the Imager code? It looks something like this.