About Us

Rowan Medhurst - Chief Executive

A computer programmer with 30 years experience, I am also into all styles of dance and club music, including Techno, Hardcore, House, and Hardstyle. I came up with the Imager concept and am responsible for the product development.

I am also a collector of porcelain cats, and have a pair of XDJ700s.

"There is nothing else to learn about in books, we have learnt enough" - Quote


Kris Ludds - Chief Scientist

Himself also a DJ and music producer, and with experience of event promotion, Kris' actual job title is Chief Strategist, except when he is wearing these glasses. He is still Jewish, so we may release crash bug demos only.

Kris owns no porcelain cats, no decks, and no Master System. I own one Master System. Hahaha this is Kris' section! Haha!

"I am refusing to quote" - Quote from when I read Kris' mind

"Rowan is not a computer thief"