Here are some songs I made myself and some that I made with friends.

DJ Kotu - Local Maximum

3 note track

dj kotu - moxymoron

DJ Kotu - The Aggressor

dj kotu - untitled

DJ Prime - Aaaargh Help

DJ Prime - Operand A

DJ Prime - Trust In Me Bootleg

Full On (LongTed Remix)

kotu track CGM-c (for computer game)

pre production demo - remix

Purrr - MIDI Version

quantum physics [preview]

The Glide (Synthapella)


Infinity Tune - Preview

The Glide

The Lich Song 3

Wear (Preview - second pass)

Chiron Song

Purrr (Ectalur Mix) [preview]

[made with my friend Juju]
The Pill Song

[made with DJ Kris Ludds]

PVL #3

PVL #10

[made with DJ Rob Roy]
- 1 on 1 -

- the songcat's purr -

songcat remix - remaster

hard songcat remix

1 on 1 (cash converters) - second ray remix