the new 5 pound note

hello i am designing the new 5 pound note, and the other new notes, including a new 100 pound note. the 100 pound note has not been used since 1945. i am not designing new million pound notes etc (which are used by banks)


the new notes have hardcore djs on, and comedians. the new 5 pound note has scott brown on. the ten has joey riot on it, the twenty has al storm on it.

on the other side the 5, 10 and 20 have pictures of fictitious military units from my upcoming calculator game, kill cmnd, which is set in the year 3067. the 5 has a daywalker mech. the 10 has a tank. the 20 has a long range missile robot.

the new 50 pound note has a big picture of phil jupitus' face on one side, and a picture of some scaffolding on the other side.

the 100 pound note has sean lock on one side and a van on the other side.

fuck you

al storm