DJ Mixes

Here are my DJ mixes currently available for download:


Caligula Mix

Centigrade Mix

Crescendo Mix

Causal Curse

this mix goes with the surgeon tribute mix which is on :)
tracklist------ hate is such a strong word - surgeon octo - cari lekebusch weakness - regis somers forge mix translation - regis keep planning - regis thirst - regis white stains - regis the black firefighter regis hydra - langley/bissmire clash of the titans - langley/bissmire bassground - jamie bissmire gridshift cari lekebusch endurance cari lekebusch sand regis blood witness - edit - dj regis*
do you rule? i was being sarcastic


Hammer Tribute Mix

Deep House Mix #4 (Remaster)

Deep House Mix #5
(distorted cable, due retake)

Deep House Mix #6
- tracklist

Yotto Special

Gerd Janson Special