Do you get bored of seeing naff visuals in clubs, which aren't in time to the music?

Then try my program.

It was designed for UK hardcore as that is what I am into, however it will work with 4/4 based music of any kind ie. house, minimal, trance / hard trance, hardstyle, techno-schranz, hardcore. (It does have some trouble recognising kick drums with gabba though). If the music isn't 4/4 (for example drum n bass or breakbeat) then it won't work. It is just a prototype!

It predicts the time of the next beat. It is not a spectrogram in a shoebox.

It is a free software at the moment.





Q. Why are the graphics shoebox?

Do you think I wanted the graphics to be like this.

Q. What are the controls?

Firstly make sure you have the OpenGL window open (the one that displays the graphics). Pressing F2 sets auto to on or off, which affects the other controls. Set it to off. Now experiment with NUMPAD KEYS 0 thru 4. Then you will see there are 4 colour modes.

Q. Can the DJ pitch up and down?

Of course he controls the pitch.

Q. It ain't working!

Play some audio on the PC or connect the decks/mixer to your line-in input jack on your PC/soundcard. And check the mixer settings in Windows. In the 'debug' panel the spectrum and spectrogram should be filled with green stuff.

Q. I want to use an external audio source (ie. decks and a mixer) to generate the graphics but my PC/laptop does not have a line-in input, it only has a mic input. Can I use it?

In short, you probably can. Try it. You shouldn't damage your hardware. If you want more information regarding this, email me and I will send you some links!

Q. What is techno-schranz?

We think techno is a form of schranz. The programmer who knows that stuff left the company (joke). Actually, schranz is a form of techno.

If anyone is interested in advancing the development of this product contact me via the contact form.

Also try running two instances of the program at once.