Extras - A Bit Of Fun

The Cartoons

Here are some cartoons we made long ago.

kotu 1 | kotu 2 | kotu 3 | kotu 4 | kotu 5 | kotu 6


A game development tool which can be used to generate 2D and 3D images of terrain. Free software. Now on version 2.

Click here to download.

Tach Chess

A chess derivative which is very unlike traditional chess. Free software.

Click here to download.

The Rob And Rowan Podcast

WARNING: Adult language and themes.

Podcast 1 - Section 1: The Disappearance Of Robert Hope

Podcast 1 - Section 2: CIA Dancer

Podcast 2: How Do You Say U?

Podcast 3: Computer Graphics / Rob Is Not A Ghost

Podcast 4: Long Ted's Journey To Moo Moo Land

Podcast 5: Long Ted Is Silenced

Podcast 6: Counselling Level 1

Podcast 7: Counselling Level 2

Podcast 8: Introducing The Insanity of Kris Ludds

Podcast 9: The Always Intelligent Kris Ludds

Podcast 10: Proving The Quality Of Our Blogs

Podcast 11: Bust

Podcast 12: Psychic Communication

The podcasts are best viewed using EDGE, Opera, Firefox or Vivaldi.

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