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A game development tool which can be used to generate 2D and 3D images of terrain. Free software. Now on version 2.

Click here to download.

Tach Chess

A chess derivative which is very unlike traditional chess. Free software.

Click here to download.

The Rob And Rowan Podcast

WARNING: Adult language and themes.

Podcast 1 - Section 1: The Disappearance Of Robert Hope

Podcast 1 - Section 2: CIA Dancer

Podcast 2: How Do You Say U?

Podcast 3: Computer Graphics / Rob Is Not A Ghost

Podcast 4: Long Ted's Journey To Moo Moo Land

Podcast 5: Long Ted Is Silenced

Podcast 6: Counselling Level 1

Podcast 7: Counselling Level 2

Podcast 8: Introducing The Insanity of Kris Ludds

Podcast 9: The Always Intelligent Kris Ludds

Podcast 10: Proving The Quality Of Our Blogs

Podcast 11: Bust

Podcast 12: Psychic Communication

Podcast 13: Lights Experience

The tune playing in this video is PVL #3 made by me and Kris Ludds.

Podcast 14: Lakota

This video was recorded 14th July 2017 at Lakota nightclub. Features shoutouts.

just wanted to say will not take this vid down as it is a good Darren Styles plug - girls - he is handsome and very kind


even fairer play to xlibman (formerly dj) who had his feet and hands cut off by English policemen in street in canada, then knifed, burned, and acided and salviaded aw - aw on tv aw nm. right after i said it out loud in my flat, on the rig the girlies had aww nm soz juju soru nm woah . aw tx mc ezy for taking the piss - what - you like him. NO, YOU DO. fair play man back down - comeback? went instead NO! YOU STILL LOVE HIM AND THINK HE IS A GHOST AND YOU WANT HIM TO BE A GHOST! oh my god

Podcast 15: A Welsh Castle

The podcasts are best viewed using EDGE, Opera, Firefox or Vivaldi.

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