BOOKS - these should ideally be read before the blog - they explain interdimensionalness DOWNLOAD HERE. WARNING - adult language and themes.

Blog 1 - the number 'one'

This blog explains the '2 or 3' stages of explanation required in explaining psychic phenomena such as those described in my video blog entitled - 'Psychic Communication'. If you haven't watched that then watch it now - it's on the extras page.

Let's begin with some archangel art.

STAGE 1 - limmy's show - multidimensionalness - enlightened being - suggests he is near

STAGE 2 - spirit guides

STAGE 3 - radii - timestop - 3rd dimension - 9th dimension - GOD consciousness


*can go in a talk on this. for now read.

**timestop bad

note: none of these pictures are about romantic love, just spiritual light

just a note.

Blog 2 - some time

This is just to say my second blog on this site is going to be a proposal for new universal religion encompassing all other religions, with some amount of detail, some spiritual practices etc including how to do REALITY MODIFICATION, which leads to miracles. Meditation will be covered.

It will not actually be a religion, more modern than that, technically a knowledgebase kind of thing.

The blog will be ready in approximately - weeks.



Blog 3 - none given

no information given

Blog 4 - possibly

dj sy name clearing given and what actually happened

psychically approved (done) - darren styles.

i reserve the right to complete blogs in any order or not at all

now get off my site!

lol, what i actually meant was, stay as long as you want! muah :)

numerology notes

simon cranny 10 - perfect partnership with me

dj sy - 9

scott brown (aa10) - 25 ..the same number as my mother

man who called me an automatic paedophile - neither accused of this!!

(he's the best dj)_

dj scott brown this goes out to you. 'my dad's better than your dad'

7 gabriel.

3 nt ma dad

the rests of ma noites is nredble



it means 'big'

he he he he he

YES!!! i did it :D


Blog 5 - yeah

So the thing with Islam hmm.

In its original form (when created by Mohammed) it was the WOMEN who were allowed in mosques, not the men.

So there!!

Women are INNATELY spiritual.

The SPIRITUAL men got to guard the mosque and PROTECT the women. Muah. Lol.

What I would suggest, if anyone decides to set up mosques for women, is that (there will be many Moslem males willing to take up the 'protective' task) maybe 8 men go inside too. They can protect the women while inside (most of the men will be outside), but, it is quite important, they can also retell the spiritual 'teachings' or 'knowledges' to the other men. After all, a woman might be talking/ Goodnight!

Now let's roll into something different.

:D <- it's me, smiling!

ha ha

Blog 6 - what of it

The thing about Jews.

They believe in a vengeful God.


Blog 7 - yeah yeah

The thing about Hare Krishnas.

So what!


Blog 8 - woah

The thing about Jehovah's Witnesses.

They say you can murder whoever you want!!

Meh he he he he!!


Blog 9 - blind to all who see

The thing about Archangels and Ascended Masters


Blog 10 - reality modification

What I will be covering in this blog is something called 'affirming', or 'affirmations'. This is the easiest (and in my opinion the best) form of reality modification.

What is important to know is that your thoughts (or your area of 'focus') create and warp and modify reality, they affect things directly, in the present, and in the future. Your thoughts AND your vocalisation (your speech).

This is actually called magic and the reason it works is because all consciousness has power. Think of yourself as a mini-god. :D

So, repeating the thought 'Everything I do is a success' manifests that into becoming reality. In fact that is one of the two affirmations I will be recommending today.

'Everything I do is a success'


'I am free. I am safe'

One I also recommend for anyone over the age of 18 is..

'I am now attracting my soul mate'

ALTHOUGH you should be aware that enlightenment and the search for enlightenment are more important than personal relationships can be. :)

For now, choose to write each of your chosen affirmations on paper, x10, each day. No more than this is required. Enjoy!

If you are unsure whether or not something is a good affirmation, email me using my contact page. Bye for now!

Blog 11 - randomness and intuition

Many people believe the whole universe is connected in some way, and that you can tap into that information easily. I experience intuitive feelings and thoughts on a day to day basis. An intuitive thought could be something as simple as a feeling you get around a certain person, or when you are walking down the street, some strange force seems to be making you want to turn a certain direction.

You can also try doing things randomly and this often has interesting results.

Intuition is associated with the LEFT side of the body.

Blog 12 - just notes

you are millions of years old!

read catalogue number. write down on slip. re-look at catalogue number to check. re-look at slip.

so, no concept of 'memory' in the same sense

just all-seeing in one current moment

infinity memory detail.

another example: a human being cannot memorize a decimal number with say 16 billion trillion decimal places and perform complex maths like long division on those numbers in their head..

[blah blah blah] ^

A bit like, reading the catalogue number and then knowing it forever, without having to 'remember' it or store it somewhere. It is just 'in the past'. Ok? You are in the same moment.

Infinite-ness. Infinity time.

This was a hard concept to explain because it is difficult to understand.


Blog 13 - just notes


you see all the atoms at once: infinity plane

lots of infinites i guess! and with no special powers or abilities - you are just the standard model??


this is called 9th dimensional consciousness... all it is is a different level.. you are basically the same as when you are a human. something like this... - just really a person.

and the separate levels (3D, 4D etc) are all separated by (in maths terms) the number infinity.

but they are all basically the same.

this is all the information i have to give you at this time.

it DOES sound quite immense


all human senses are basically derived from the psychic sixth sense.

Blog 14 - noodles song

you know that feeling don't you

it's the feeling you have when something good happens to you

the feeling that comes when you have a wonderful time with your very best friend

it's the feeling you get on a bright sunny day when everything is going your way

it's the feeling that puts a bounce into your walk

a gleam in your eye

the feeling that makes you wanna hop or leap or fly

Blog 15 - holy noodles

Not really enough yet for a religion so here we go with the main theme of the religion...

I see every day as an opportunity to be spiritual and do good for others. I even get a buzz off giving people directions to get somewhere! What do I define as spiritual? Being a nice person and a good person are the only real important things I think.

I believe in the laws of karma which suggest that the good actions you do will one day come back to you, but that's not why you do it. You just do it because it's fun and because it raises your spirits.

So, in summary...

holiness -

protect animals + innocents

be courteous to all others

be nice person!


highly moralled

'just because it makes you grin'

it is addictive and contagious, but don't talk about this

'an understanding of the laws of karma' - MAIN KERNEL




project -> receive

eventually, either in this life, future lives, or an in-between lives state

ambient energy!

forceful life!

mass! and power.

And if you want someone to worship worship the Sun. He is a 7th dimensional God. :D

Blog 16 - the truth

The only other important thing that is going to happen this year is the film Alien: Covenant.

Don't expect any more blogs until at least December. XD

Blog 17 - here are 3 more things

Here are 3 things which I can guarantee you have never been mentioned in any religion, anywhere. It doesn't matter if you don't know what they are, that's not really important. Here goes....

backdraughting - something which removes on one or many levels, someone's physical senses. Can only be used for a positive effect ie. to relieve stress.

psychic paralysis - dark. Involves long periods of time.

psychic osmosis - dark. Involves start/stop cycles. It is normally quicker to just use a knife.

Blog 18 - GORGONS

The thing about gorgons is this.. for Prince Phillip to know enough about technology (gorgons are a 100 level tech, current Earth tech is only Level 3 tech) he would have to have known what was ACTUALLY happening (ie. we actually liked him) back at the start of that 500 thousand million billion trillion year cycle. 100 level tech takes a long time to work out.

The gorgons were created in the 1970s.

A gorgon is a '***' robot/person which is indistinguishable from an actual female human. They are very good at fighting.

This information was for anyone who was still 'sat on the fence'.

Sounds nice!

Blog 19 - COLIN FRY

This section is for the faithful.

Colin Fry and associates including Tony Stockwell on Youtube. This is an approved link, approved by me (personally I maintain contact with 'deceased' relatives). Quite an emotional section, enjoy!!


You can let the cat out yourself... ^^


Blog 21 - DAVID

How can a computer be conscious and have a soul (ie. like David in films Prometheus and Alien: Covenant and Gorgons) after all, surely they just run C++?



(looks like rob)




To discuss further effects of storming above 10x speed.

A 11x speed, at a 1 in 100 chance of occurring, would that be viable? Would that be possible to even consider? Apparently, possibly yes, it is worth doing at about 50% worth doing.

So the 54x speed, at a 2 proton-per-universe chance of occurring? Apparently about 47.6% worth doing!


(In a Jeremy Clarkson voice) Oh yes. 8D

Blog 24 - HELL DROP

Are these even good names?

Ava Rose Medhurst [8]

Texas Presley Medhurst [50s]

Jennifer White [isee]


When I was 10 years old I lived in a village called Corfe (the first address I ever lived at, the one on my birth certificate, was Galilee Cottage).

The village was near woods and a field.

One day while on a walk in that field I randomly picked, approximately, 2 clovers approximately 5 yards apart.

Both were 4 leaved clovers.


Blog 26 - MELODY

I don't know what I'd do without you

I'd never make it through

The clouds will rain down on me

I don't know where I'd be without you

My sky would not be blue

Without your love around me

Bright like the Sun

You are always shining there for me

Bright like the Sun

You light up my life and bathe my world in beauty


Bright like the Sun

You are always shining there for me

Bright like the Sun

You light up my life and bathe my world in beauty

You're there for me in my darkest hour

A spotlight with the power

To bring the daylight back to me

When I need the help of a friend

You're right there til the end

With all the love you give to me

Bright like the Sun

You are always shining there for me

Bright like the Sun

You light up my life and bathe my world in beauty

Shine with a light so clear

You cast no shadow

When the storm clouds appear

You make a rainbow

Shine with a light so clear

You cast no shadow

When the storm clouds appear

You make a rainbow

Bright like the Sun

You are always shining there for me

Bright like the Sun

You light up my life and bathe my world in beauty