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Blog 11 - randomness and intuition

randomness and intuition

Many people believe the whole universe is connected in some way, and that you can tap into that information easily. I experience intuitive feelings and thoughts on a day to day basis. An intuitive thought could be something as simple as a feeling you get around a certain person, or when you are walking down the street, some strange force seems to be making you want to turn a certain direction.

You can also try doing things randomly and this often has interesting results.

Intuition is associated with the LEFT side of the body.

Blog 10 - reality modification

reality modification

What I will be covering in this blog is something called 'affirming', or 'affirmations'. This is the easiest (and in my opinion the best) form of reality modification.

What is important to know is that your thoughts (or your area of 'focus') create and warp and modify reality, they affect things directly, in the present, and in the future. Your thoughts AND your vocalisation (your speech).

This is actually called magic and the reason it works is because all consciousness has power. Think of yourself as a mini-god. :D

So, repeating the thought 'Everything I do is a success' manifests that into becoming reality. In fact that is one of the two affirmations I will be recommending today.

'Everything I do is a success'


'I am free. I am safe'

One I also recommend for anyone over the age of 18 is..

'I am now attracting my soul mate'

ALTHOUGH you should be aware that enlightenment and the search for enlightenment are more important than personal relationships can be. :)

For now, choose to write each of your chosen affirmations on paper, x10, each day. No more than this is required. Enjoy!

If you are unsure whether or not something is a good affirmation, email me using my contact page. Bye for now!

Blog 9 - blind to all who see

blind to all who see

The thing about Archangels and Ascended Masters


Blog 8 - woah


The thing about Jehovah's Witnesses.

They say you can murder whoever you want!!

Meh he he he he!!


Blog 7 - yeah yeah

yeah yeah

The thing about Hare Krishnas.

So what!


Blog 6 - what of it

what of it

The thing about Jews.

They believe in a vengeful God.


Blog 5 - yeah


So the thing with Islam hmm.

In its original form (when created by Mohammed) it was the WOMEN who were allowed in mosques, not the men.

So there!!

Women are INNATELY spiritual.

The SPIRITUAL men got to guard the mosque and PROTECT the women. Muah. Lol.

What I would suggest, if anyone decides to set up mosques for women, is that (there will be many Moslem males willing to take up the 'protective' task) maybe 8 men go inside too. They can protect the women while inside (most of the men will be outside), but, it is quite important, they can also retell the spiritual 'teachings' or 'knowledges' to the other men. After all, a woman might be talking/ Goodnight!

Now let's roll into something different.

:D <- it's me, smiling!

ha ha

Blog 4 - possibly


dj sy name clearing given and what actually happened

psychically approved (done) - darren styles.

i reserve the right to complete blogs in any order or not at all

now get off my site!

lol, what i actually meant was, stay as long as you want! muah :)

numerology notes

simon cranny 10 - perfect partnership with me

dj sy - 9

scott brown (aa10) - 25 ..the same number as my mother

man who called me an automatic paedophile - neither accused of this!!

(he's the best dj)_

dj scott brown this goes out to you. 'my dad's better than your dad'

7 gabriel.

3 nt ma dad

the rests of ma noites is nredble



it means 'big'

he he he he he

YES!!! i did it :D


Blog 3 - none given

none given

no information given

Blog 2 - some time

some time

This is just to say my second blog on this site is going to be a proposal for new universal religion encompassing all other religions, with some amount of detail, some spiritual practices etc including how to do REALITY MODIFICATION, which leads to miracles. Meditation will be covered.

It will not actually be a religion, more modern than that, technically a knowledgebase kind of thing.

The blog will be ready in approximately - weeks.



Blog 1 - the number 'one'

the number 'one'

This blog explains the '2 or 3' stages of explanation required in explaining psychic phenomena such as those described in my video blog entitled - 'Psychic Communication'. If you haven't watched that then watch it now - it's on the extras page.

Let's begin with some archangel art.

STAGE 1 - limmy's show - multidimensionalness - enlightened being - suggests he is near

STAGE 2 - spirit guides

STAGE 3 - radii - timestop - 3rd dimension - 9th dimension - GOD consciousness


*can go in a talk on this. for now read.

**timestop bad

note: none of these pictures are about romantic love, just spiritual light

just a note.